Research Manager: prestigious ethnography specialists: behavioural, cultural, observation experts

This multi-award-winning ethnography team focus on uncovering habits, cultures and practices at a holistic level in order to provide their clients with a deep and foundational understanding of their consumers and customers. This role will appeal to someone who wants to answer client questions such as: what is the meaning of fun and indulgence in Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan? How do you define a premium fragrance and what is the meaning of fragrance in self-love and the home and how is this changing over time and across key markets? What is behind LGBTQ stereotypes in the media? And understanding the stigma around HIV in some countries and how to overcome this. It will also suit someone who wants to be part of a close-knit team of smart, curious people who love working together.


This team consists of anthropologists, ethnographers, sociologists, filmmakers, and market researchers, all dedicated to understanding behaviour across cultures – they are all about the ‘what’ and ‘why’.


In their words, they do proper ethnography – it is full immersion (both face to face and digital) and they see themselves as being largely unrivalled in terms of quality of their offer.


Their stand out is their expertise in film and video output – this is mainly how they present their findings to clients and they have brilliant film makers in the team.


The team has been very successful and they have grown consistently (including during the pandemic); they are all proud of this.


For this role, we are looking for a client-facing quallie who loves cultural insight – and who wants to focus on ethnography. You do not need ethnographic experience (although this would be great!) – you do need a real interest in it. You also need strong story telling skills, and an interest in film – both because much of the data is presented in film and because film is used to present findings back to clients.


As importantly, fit is really key here, so we need someone smart, genuine, team-spirted, curious and motivated. Everyone’s view is valued at all levels to so we are looking for someone who wants to share their view, learn from others and push their conceptual thinking.


They offer the opportunity to travel, now life is returning to normal, and this something most people really love.  Development opportunities abound here – people rarely leave and are promoted through.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Fairbank: [email protected] or call on 07595 821535 for an informed discussion. Visit our website for other great market research jobs:


£38,000-£44,000 plus excellent benefits


Blended working: London/home




Salary: £38,000-£44,000 plus excellent benefits

Type: All , Qualitative research
Sector: All
Ref: SF570163