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    I will never forget the utmost, bespoke guidance you gave me

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    You’ve been incredibly attentive, helpful and encouraging...

  • Pollen recruitment market research recruitment agency really made this next step happen for me!

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    You really understand our needs and requirements...

  • "...We always trust your recommendations"


About Pollen

We specialise in recruitment for quantitative and qualitative market research jobs, consumer insight, project management, operations, statistics and analysis as well as brand and strategic planning roles. We work with a diverse range of market research agencies (boutique to global), consultancies (planning, brand and design), data providers and client companies.

Why are we different?

We are all ex-industry combining agency and client-side market research, brand & comms and human resources experience.

Right for candidates

We genuinely care about our candidates’ careers; a truly consultative and finely tuned approach is at the heart of how we work. We have done the job ourselves, recruited and led our own teams. We will identify the opportunities that will best build you career, work with you to ensure your CV stands out and guide you through the process. In short, we will provide you with everything you need to get the right market research job. Many of our candidates come back to us time and again and they become our clients.

Right for clients

We know first-hand what it takes to create a successful team in terms of experience, team dynamics and fit. We are highly selective, refreshingly straightforward in our approach and honest in our thoughts. Candidates want to work with us; they refer their friends. Many candidates we represent are not on the ‘open market’. Simply, we save you time by putting the right candidates in front of you for your market research jobs at the start. Most of our clients have worked with us for years.

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